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When we do eye exams, we refuse to cut corners. We always schedule ample time so you will never feel rushed. Our comprehensive eye examinations check your eyes inside and out for glaucoma, cataracts and all other eye diseases as well as high blood pressure, diabetes and other systemic diseases.

Vision, in the broadest sense, is the global ability of the brain to extract, process and act on information presented to the eye. This complex process can be thought of as three major but related areas: visual acuity, visual efficiency skills, and visual information processing.

Cataracts: The natural lens in the eye gradually becomes less clear as we get older. Glaucoma: Glaucoma gradually destroys the optic nerve tissue in the back of the eye. Diabetes: Diabetic patients should have a dilated retinal examination each year.

Our office provides emergency services for eye infections and eye injuries. Please call our office at 785-742-3021 or 402-245-2017 during office hours or our emergency number; 785-742-2969 after hours or on weekends.

Our optical laboratory has the latest in equipment to not only fabricate your glasses, but to maintain and repair them should they become broken or damaged. Our highly qualified optician and staff are able to adjust and fit your glasses to you for extended comfort and vision.

People who have lost eyesight due to injuries or eye disease need special types of products to help them function as independently as possible. We offer a full range of these products through our office.

At McPeak Optometry, we pride ourselves in delivering our patients with the best eye care possible. We offer a big city standard of care with a small town level of service. As a result, our practice offers a comprehensive list of services that includes the following:


- Comprehensive Eye Exams -

- Optical Dispensing & Contact Lenses -

- Preventative Vision Care -

- Eye Injuries & Infection Care -

- Eye Disease Care -

- Low Vision Services -

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