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Complete Family Eye Care in Kansas
& Nebraska

Did you know an eye exam can do more than assess your vision? It's a critical window into your overall health. At McPeak Optometry, we're dedicated to providing comprehensive eye care services that go beyond the basics. Our state-of-the-art facility and experienced team meet the eye care needs of your entire family, ensuring that you see the world clearly and protect your vision for the future.

Eye exams are crucial for updating prescriptions and detecting eye diseases early. Our exams go beyond the basics, using advanced technology to ensure your eyes are healthy and your vision is sharp.

Emergency Eye Care

Life is unpredictable, but our emergency eye care services are always ready. From foreign body removal to sudden vision changes, we're here to provide the urgent care you need when you need it.

At McPeak Optometry, our expert team specializes in diagnosing and managing ocular diseases, including glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and cataracts, providing care for optimal eye health.

Vision Care for All Ages

We are more than just an eye care provider; we are your dedicated partner in maintaining and enhancing your vision and overall eye health. Located in the heart of Hiawatha and Falls City, our practice stands on the pillars of advanced technology, personalized care, and a deep commitment to our patients' well-being. Led by the experienced and compassionate Dr. McPeak, we offer a comprehensive suite of eye care services designed to meet the needs of every patient — from infants to seniors.

We invite you to experience the difference in our approach, where every patient is treated with the utmost care and respect as we navigate together toward optimal eye health. Join us at McPeak Optometry, where your vision is our vision.

Elder Female Eye Exam

Diabetic Eye Care

Diabetes can have a significant impact on eye health, leading to conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, one of the leading causes of blindness in adults. We offer specialized diabetic eye care to monitor and manage the ocular effects of diabetes. Our proactive approach focuses on early detection and management of eye conditions associated with diabetes, helping to prevent vision loss. Regular eye exams are crucial for maintaining eye health and can provide insights into your overall diabetes management. Let us help you protect your vision with personalized care and the latest eye care technology.

Optical Dispensary

Choosing the right eyewear is about style and function. Our optical dispensary at McPeak Optometry boasts a wide selection of frames and lenses for every age, style, and budget. Whether you're looking for the latest fashion trends or the best in lens technology, our knowledgeable staff is here to help you find the perfect pair. With options ranging from durable children's frames to designer brands, advanced lens coatings, and progressive lenses, we ensure your eyewear meets your vision needs and lifestyle preferences. Experience personalized service and quality eyewear solutions with us.

Specialty Contacts

Each eye is unique, and so are your vision needs. That's why we're proud to offer specialty contact lenses, including the latest advancements in scleral and toric lenses, tailored to provide optimal comfort and clarity. Dr. McPeak and our dedicated team are excited to introduce scleral lenses to our practice, a revolutionary option for those with keratoconus, dry eye syndrome, or other corneal irregularities.

Discover Our Premium Eyewear Brands

Our curated collection includes the latest designs from renowned brands such as WOOW, Salt, Etnia Barcelona, and Maui Jim. Each brand brings its unique aesthetic and technological innovations to ensure you find the perfect pair of glasses or sunglasses that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

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